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All candidates wishing to register and take the D license course must have taken, completed and passed the E license 6 months prior to registering for the D license. Candidates must supply a copy of their E license to the South Carolina Youth Soccer office prior to the start of the course.

The National "D" license is a 36 to 40-hour course designed for the experienced coach who has already earned a National "E" license. The focus of this course is to improve a coach's ability to positively influence individual players and teams.


What are the key components of the "D" license course?

•Develop the core coaching competencies necessary to effectively teach the 13-14 year old athlete and team. 

•Understand the characteristics and needs of an athlete in the Intermediate Stage of U.S. Soccer's Athlete Development Model.

•Build on the foundation of knowledge and experience in order to proceed through the sequence of coaching development courses. 


What are the specific target outcomes of the course?

•Teach the Principles of Play in a training environment. (7v7 to 9v9).

•Apply the Principles of Play to functional group roles in a full team system.

•Plan a sequence of training and weekly cycles to complete a season plan.


The “D” license course is broken into four phases:

  I.  Preparation Phase

  II. Instructional Phase (14 to 18 hrs.)

  III. Deliberate Practice Phase

  IV. Performance Review Phase (14 to 18 hrs.)

For more information on the 4 phases of the D course please visit


Pre-Course Assignment

•Candidates are required to view an online presentation and complete a series of questions on Concussion Awareness. The assignment must be completed prior to the candidate receiving their final course results.

•Visit this link to complete the online assignment.


•Candidates are NOT required to print a certificate of completion.

•A report will be automatically sent to U.S. Soccer and the State Association host upon completion.


Minimum of 15 candidates – Maximum of 36 Candidates per course

Course Calendar

Summer 2018 Course


US Soccer D License – (this will be the only D license offered in the summer of 2018)

1st Meeting August 24 -26, 2018 2nd Meeting December 7-9, 2018

Columbia College

1301 Columbia College Drive

Columbia, SC

Cost - $400

Register Here

If you have any questions regarding Coaching Education please contact Greg Vallee, SCYS Technical Director