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Past Region III ODP Pool Players

2014 Region III Pool Players



2013 Region III Pool Players

    96 Girls  
         Courtney McLeod
                             Megan O’Connor

                             Hayley Younginer**
97 Girls                Kat Greer**
   98 Girls                Kasey Parker
Brittany Heri**
99 Girls                 Eva Dailey
                             Brooke Power
00 Girls                 Emily Kifer
                             Christy Sheppard
      96 Boys               Marquel Bellamy
                              Akeel Crooks
                              Quadarius Grate
                              Zach Lundy
                              Robert Schreiner

97 Boys                 Jose Cerra
                              Nolan Lennon
                              Ryan Standridge
   98 Boys                Wilbert Perez
                              Quinn McNeill
99 Boys                 Travis Diaz
00 Boys                 John Martin
                             James Brighton
                              **= Honorable Mention


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