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SCYS President's Workshop

SC Youth Soccer President's Workshop
---Mandatory Event---
The SC Youth Soccer State Council Meeting, Presidents’ Workshop and Awards Luncheon.This function is mandatory and every affiliated Club and League must have their President or a representative from your board in attendance. Registration will be held from 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. with meetings to follow.
The SC Youth Soccer State Council meeting will hold scheduled elections for the positions of SC Youth Soccer President and Secretary. Nominations for these two positions will be open and accepted from the floor of the assembly.
The SC Youth Soccer Board of Directors will present a workshop to cover SC Youth Soccer administrative topics: Changes to our Registration Rules, State Cup or League Rules and SC Youth Soccer Insurance with updates on our Risk Management, ODP and Coaching Development.   All topics will be covered thoroughly with adequate time to answer questions.
Again, you or a representative from your Board must attend this workshop, which is being conducted in an effort to educate, inform and advise our members of SC Youth Soccer for TODAY and the future.
Please encourage other members from your association to attend this Annual function.  


SC Youth Soccer Award Recipients

Previous Pioneers of the Game

2004-05       Jim Forest

1998-99       Kaye Mikell               Ralph Polson

1997-98       Warren Woody          Herman Halter

1994-95       Betty Keenan

1993-94       Deiter Beckham        Gabe Volk                   Renje Zeef

 1992-93      Carol Mauldin            Betty Richardson        Nancy Dozier              

                              Frank Jones    

1991-92       Mary Brantley            Michael Cook             John Farr

 1990-91      Gus Callaway            Joe Magulla                Rick Cruickshank        

                              Ray Thompsett

Previous Hall of Fame Recipients

2003-04       Fred Bieber   

2002-03       Bob Poyer               

1997-98       Ray Thompsett

1994-95       Bob Brantley          Drew Jones

1991-92       Bill Barfield            Mark Berson

1990-91       Don Wilbur            Stewart Gamble         Ralph Lundy

SC Youth Soccer Past Presidents

2010-12          Bob Brantley

2004-10          Steve Ballentine


1995-04          Fred Bieber


1988-95          Bob Brantley


1986-88          Philip Cheves


1983-86          J P Wright


1982-83          William "Bill" Madden


1980-82          Paul Vogel


1997-80          Austin "Gus" Callaway

SC Youth Soccer Parent of the Year Recipients

2015-16       Christina Galbreath

2014-15       Debbie Coker      

2013-14       Karen Leader

2012-13       Ron Tryon

2011-12       Kelly Rider

2009-10       Matt Hooker

2008-09       Jon Harcum

2007-08       Randy Glenn

2006-07       Neil Veloso

2005-06       Stephen Clyburn

2004-05       Ray Steadman                               

2003-04       Catherine Whittington                                 

2002-03       Ronnie Lattimore           

2001-02       Buz Moore 

2000-01       Carol Leonard 

1999-00       Steve Cothran 

1998-99       Ric Carter



SC Youth Soccer Coach of the Year Recipients


                    Girls Competitive      Boys Competitive     Girls Rec           Boys Rec

2015-16        Amer Resumovic            Josh Kiper                       Anthony Grieb        Mark Martin

2014-15        Alex Voelker                   Daniel Waymont                                             Rich Costner

                                                                                                                                   Nathan Dawson

2013-14       Shannon Champ             Kevin Roberts                 Jurgen Wagner      Dwaine Wilson

2012-13       Gary Olivier                     John Devereux

2011-12       Andrew Hyslop                Pearse Tormey

2009-10       Kevin Roberts                 Corrado Berloffa

2008-09       Kenneth Washburn         Dominic Wren

2006-07       Barry Whittington

2005-06       Keith Shrum                    Ron Sykes 

2003-04       Kara Slick

2002-03       Heather Fredrick             Alair Almeida

2001-02       Francisco Agbunag         Marko Huttunen

2000-01       Craig Brady                     Patrick Clerkin

1992-93       Brian McPheely               Ralston Moore

                                                            Rob Rood

1991-92       Dave Schutte                  Jack Portenier

 1999-00      -------                               John Devereux



SC Youth Soccer Youth and Adult Referee of the Year Recipients


2015-16           Cameron Clark                  Maggie Copeland

2014-15           Samuel Friedrich               Maggie Copeland

2013-14           Anthony Shultz                  Brigiette Rosier

2012-13           Ross Lordo                            Brigiette Rosier

                          Brian  Lavallee                        Michelle Cuggy

2011-12           Dallas Rozier                     Lauren Watts

2009-10           No Nominees

2008-09           Aubrie Holmes

2007-08           Fred Glasgow

2006-07           Stephanie Gauthier           Dalton Betzen

2005-06           Kristi Tempel                     Kenneth Johnson

                        Arthur "Art" Smith – "Adult Referee of the Year"

2004-05           Melissa Tanverdi               Clint Shrum

2003-04           Kristi Tempel                     Mark Weston

2002-03           Melissa Tempel                 Bradley "Brad" Bieber

2001-02           Rachael Bisnett                Bradley "Brad" Bieber

2000-01           Nichelle Nichols                Stephen Johnson, Jr.

1999-00           Chaz Lobo

1998-99           Melanie Johnson              Carlos Arango

1997-98           Melanie Johnson              David Rosenthal

1996-97           Woody Funderburk

1995-96           Miranda Baladi                 Jay Hunter                   

1994-95           Chris Plummer

1993-94           Amy Seay                         Cary Davy

1992-93           Kelli Bieber                       Chip Hodge                Mark Williamson

1991-92           Aaron Wirshing                 Elizabeth Roe


SC Youth Soccer Administrator of the Year

2015-16          Charlie & Cherie Bradley

2014-15          Sidney Thompson

2013-14          Alex Koutrakos



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